Our ears often have to deal with loud machinery, tools, amplified music, gunfire and other sounds which can harm our hearing. At Nashua Hearing Group we advise you on how to preserve good hearing throughout your life even when constantly surrounded by a noisy environment.

By using hearing protection we can keep our ears working and healthy for longer and avoid hearing damage. If you fail to protect your hearing properly, you may end up will noise-induced hearing loss later in life.


Nashua Hearing Group offers many types of hearing protection, including:

Basic Hearing Protection

Custom earplugs provide good noise protection, are comfortable and durable. They are available with “noise-breakers” in them to allow soft sounds like speech to sound natural while dampening loud sounds.



Musician Earplugs

Musicians practice and perform in a variety of settings and are exposed to high levels of amplified sound. Various musicians require different amounts of protection depending on sound levels during rehearsals and performances. Our musician earplugs help to avoid the muffled sensation associated with standard earplugs.


ITE Monitors

In-the-ear sounds protection monitors help to eliminate sound feedback and lower noise levels while still allowing you to hear with clarity and crispness.




Swim Molds

Many patients recovering from ear infections or ear surgery, as well as those with chronic conditions such as drainage, must keep their ear canals dry to prevent more severe problems from developing. We offer custom fit swim molds to keep out most of the moisture. In addition we offer Docs Pro Plugs swim molds for children age 7 or under.


Shooters Plugs

Our high-tech electronic shooter protection devices amplify soft sounds and then block out loud sounds such gunshots. This technology allows a hunter to hear the steps of his prey up until the moment his gun fires.


Hocks Noise Brakers

We supply Hocks Noise Brakers which help protect against hearing damage from exposure to loud sounds such as motorcycles. These devices prevent hearing loss through filtered protection that is comfortable and permits conversational sound and changes in air pressure. The Noise Braker reduces harmful noise to non-damaging levels.