Familiar Sounds Audiogram  –  [Click here to download]

An audiogram is a graph that shows the softest sounds a person can hear at different pitches or frequencies. An “O” often is used to represent responses for the right ear and an “X” is used to represent responses for the left ear. The closer the marks are to the top of the graph, the softer the sounds that can be heard. The audiogram attached indicates the different degrees of hearing loss using familiar sounds and their relative frequencies.

The pitches shown in the light purple area on the audiogram are those most important for hearing and understanding conversation. Each sound we hear when someone speaks has a different pitch and loudness. For example, the “s” sound is high in pitch and quiet. The “o” sound is low in pitch and louder. The audiogram in the following link shows the range of pitch and loudness for most speech sounds.


Listening Tips and Strategies  –  [Click here to download]

This guide lists twelve ways in which you can improve communication if you have hearing loss. The tips are helpful for listening to others and communicating with loved ones. Form copyright © Nashua Hearing Group.


 A Complete Guide to Hearing Aids  –  [Click here to download]

This guide helps answer basic questions about hearing aids.

It describes how to tell if you should have your hearing tested; and what to expect during the testing. This booklet will also explain technological changes and costs for hearing aids. Many people with hearing loss could benefit from hearing aids, but do not have them. For others, cost is a big barrier. If you are just beginning to have concerns about whether your hearing is declining; or if you’ve tried a hearing aid in the past and were not happy with it; or if you know someone who should get his or hearing checked, this booklet will answer many of your questions.

This guide is provided by the AARP.


Tips to Buying Hearing Aids  –  [Click here to download]

This guide offers helpful tips to buying hearing aids. Whether you are purchasing for the first time or looking for new ones, this guide gives helpful tips to make the process easier.

This guide is provided by the AARP.


Affording Hearing Aids  –  [Click here to download]

This guide provides tips and answers questions about cost and affording hearing aids. Nashua Hearing Group does everything possible to make hearing aids affordable for you and will always put your interests first and help you find the best value hearing aids. Form copyright © Nashua Hearing Group.