At Nashua Hearing Group, we work to provide each patient with top-notch audiological care. We have an ongoing commitment to give patients the professional care they deserve in a compassionate setting. Simply put, we listen to you! We provide state-of-the-art hearing services to improve our patients’ lives at a price they can afford.

We work closely with the ear physicians at Mass ENT to provide superior audiological and hearing aid services to southern New Hampshire. We provide a variety of services for both pediatric and adult patients. Our professional staff has the education and experience to diagnose and treat even challenging hearing losses.

We just moved! Please visit our new office at 280 Main St. Suite 140 Nashua, NH 03060. You may call us at (603) 594 3024.


We’ve got the brands you need

At Nashua Hearing Group we work with many of the best hearing device manufacturers to provide our patients with the make and model that works best for your needs and lifestyle.


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  • My husband and I have had hearing aids in the past and were very unhappy with them. The Nashua Hearing Group was recommended to us by a friend, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The hearing test was detailed and complete, and the hearing aids are outstanding. We both hear things now that we never heard before, we can wear the aids comfortably all day and hardly know they’re in, there’s no feedback when talking on the phone or sitting in a crowded room, and best of all, we no longer have to ask friends to repeat what they’ve said. We highly recommend the Nashua Hearing Group to anyone with hearing issues. –Judy and Dennis B, Londonderry

  • From the very first appointment, NHG treated us with dignity, respect and an unbridled enthusiasm that was infectious. Your knowledge, professionalism and sensitivity to financial concerns was much appreciated. My mother not only has had her hearing restored, but seems to have been given a new lease on life. She is happier, more animated and even her speech is improved. As a health professional myself, I knew this would be a good thing but I never imagined just how much. –Jackie S, Litchfield

  • We are very grateful that Dr. Harrington and Nashua Hearing Group exist. Dr. Harrington was exceptional in helping me understand and find solutions for my hearing loss. She really understood the issues I was having and was extremelycompassionate and knowledgeable in all aspects of the process from the hearing test, to selecting devices, to financial options and fine tuning. When my 8 yr old daughter started showing signs of hearing loss I immediately took her to Nashua Hearing Group, I knew that would be where we would get the best care. Thank you for helping me get my hearing and my life back. I had no idea what I was missing! –Joy S, Derry

  • Never thought it would be me with a hearing problem. I had my ears tested every year to see if they got worse. They slowly did. I made an appointment with Katie Harrington at Nashua Hearing Group. She tested my ears and set up an appointment to review her findings. I did need hearing aids in both ears. Katie showed me options and has been at my side every step of the way. Letting me know that it's okay to hear yourself sing, hearing your voice a little differently than before, hearing the birds sing a little clearer, hearing your husband calling you for one thing or another and having not to keep saying "What?". I love my new ears! Most of all, it's Katie, being there whenever I have a question, concern or a needed adjustment. Thank you Katie! –Betti P, Pepperell

  • I have had ear issues in both ears for close to 25 years. I had tried hearing aids in the past, but because of medical issues with them I could not wear them. My world was slowly getting quieter. ..Katie worked with me, listened to my concerns and apprehensions and Katie managed to make it possible for me to hear again. It is amazing to be able to hear things that I couldn’t before: birds, cars, the wind, my grandchildren. I am ever so grateful for all of the help that she has given me. I would highly recommend the Nashua Hearing Group to anyone that is dealing with any kind of hearing loss, they are the best. –Lorri F, Warren

  • I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that, for many reasons,I wasn't particularly thrilled with the idea of wearing hearing aids. But working with you folks has been a terrific experience. Your genuine interest in my meeting my personal needs and your enthusiasm with the latest in technology has made it all worthwhile! What a huge difference they've made. I realize how much I'm reaping the benefits only when I'm NOT wearing them! The level of service you continue to provide is beyond expectation. And I'd like thank you for that! I'd recommend the Nashua Hearing Group to anyone experiencing the same hearing loss I've had! –Bob R, Brookline